Telford ‘Young People’ Positive Destinations Project


TIN Smart Social’s innovative Positive Destination Programme with one local council provides curriculum-based engagements to deliver tailored career support for hard to reach young people – breaking down restrictive barriers and building the confidence, capabilities and pathways to help them achieve their ambitions.

the outcome

TIN Smart Social’s collaboration with one local council aimed to support a group of Year 11s, (all of whom were outside mainstream education) to feel engaged, excited and empowered about career opportunities and to identify routes into work via further academic study, apprenticeships, targeted vocational training, volunteering, education and enterprise initiatives and work experience. The young people involved required tailored personal support to meet a deeper and broader spectrum of personal and social challenges, including learning, behavioural and physical disabilities and substance and alcohol abuse.

The young people involved had the opportunity to develop, test-drive and assess their employability and ‘ready for work’ credentials and realistically match their talents to the specific demands of local businesses. Thomas assessments (PPA and TEIQue) were used to help the students develop a greater awareness of how they tend to behave, their strengths, areas for development and what kinds of work they may be well suited to.

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