Lambeth DWP ‘Older People’ Project


Alex Cole was a Business Connector in Lambeth.  He told us about a project he has been developing with several local partners and his seconding company – Capgemini.

Core Delivery Outputs

1. Achieve Core Delivery Outputs:

  • Combining employer-led core skills training with mental well-being delivered as a personalised curriculum
  • Focussed on driving personal motivation
  • Development of additional enterprise and social innovation capability and expertise

2. Achieve Enhanced Outputs:

  • Access to digital and physical Information and knowledge resources
  • Ongoing training, mentoring and personal development
  • Additional local targets integrated if required

3. Achieve DWP Outcomes:

  • Throughput of 240 people with 40% achieving a job outcome within 13 weeks
  • Influence/change current employability and personal development practice
  • Raised expectations and aspirations with help to develop, maintain and keep the dialogue going between participants, DWP job advisers and employers

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